Intimately in a moment of your own time and choosing...

True intimacy it’s a beautiful thing with a loved one or on your own.
Everybody wants and deserves it.
But what is true intimacy and what makes it so special? It’s more than a touch, or a kiss, a look or a sensation. Intimacy is a place where you connect, it’s a moment where you’re able to get in touch with your inner self.
Joole is an opulent fusion of decadent pleasure, love and touch that you can experience through mind, body, soul and spirit.
It’s here to take you to a place where you can let go and embark on a sensory journey where you can find love inside.

The brand

Joole is an exquisitely unique product branded by Lovebox Ltd, which has been developed specially for 5 Stars and Luxury Hotels as well as the Cruise line industry worldwide.

Beautifully designed, may be placed inside the mini bar, bed-side table or anywhere else in the room or the suite.

By offering joole, your customers can enjoy, a high quality, discreet, service – perfectly suited to the intimate atmosphere of being in a hotel room.

Joole can be purchased with complete privacy as a mini bar item.

The pack is hermetically sealed and designed to avoid misunderstandings. This protects the hotel and guests from any potential embarrassing situations.

Contains five carefully selected items:

  • 1 massage gel (Lubricant)
  • 3 latex condoms
  • 1 mini vibrator
  • 1 vibrating ring
  • 1 feather



  • 1 satin bag – you can choose red or black
  • 2 leaflet


Vibrating ring

A comfortable, battery-powered vibrating ring stimulates your senses, while building up beautiful love sensations that you’ll both experience simultaneously. Slide to the base of the male organ and turn it on.

Mini vibrator

Take complete pleasure in this discreet, easy to store, and intensely powerful mini vibrator. After all, intimate things come in small packages – no matter where you find yourself. to get started, open the cover and remove sticker from the batteries.


3 different condoms: Thin, dotted and one with aroma. The intimacy you want and the safety you need. Sensitive, form- fitting condoms for lovemaking that will last if you want it to, without sacrificing the feeling.

Massage gel /lubricant

Heighten arousal with a smooth, lightly textured water-based lubricant.


2 leaflets in 12 languages. Knowledge is power and certificates gives confidence.


Take pleasure in the lightest caress on your skin. tease, tantalize, arouse and bring your lover excitement and love.

Business terms:

* Product is delivered to your hotel directly.

* Orders are made in crates of 50 each.

* Minimum recommended initial quantity 50% more than hotel’s room and suites inventory.

* Payment best received by bank transfer.

* Delivery time: Up to 14 days of approve of order.

Joole can be delivered to your hotel with a price tag attached, so there is no need to include it immediately in the existing menus.
Request samples:
As the Joole pack is hermetically sealed, you’ll receive 2 samples: 1 Joole kit open – to see the products inside, and the second kit – closed to introduce it to your team – if you might need.

About us

The most important things that we can say about ourselves and our expertise, is the recommendations from our partner hotels and our experience in this amazing industry.
Please ask for recommendations … and we will be happy to share.

Guests love it!

Guest privacy guaranteed:


1. We print on the product: ‘For your assured privacy the words ‘minibar charge’ or other unique code will appear on your bill without any further details after opening joole’.

2. To maintain your guest privacy, we advise you please to use a special menu code or the words ‘minibar charge’ on the bill , after your guest openned Joole.

3. The pack is hermetically sealed and every item is packed separately for maximum sterilization.

In accordance to both US and EU regulations

The VIP – Guests Love Joole – Coming soon

Guests take Jool as a gift to someone they love, for their own use or as a souvenire when they share their experience in your hotel, which serves as positive, innovative and modern establishment.

Contact us

We’d like to hear any thoughts you might have. Please feel free to contact us regarding orders and with any questions or comments.

We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.